Which Of These Three Restaurants In Charlotte NC Would Be A Good First Stop?

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city we have been to recently. There were some great restaurants we visited last time, and there are going to be some great ones this time around. Are you ready? I’ll tell you what, I am, and I am certainly going to select some nice establishments. Here we go guys, but don’t get hung up on my first Charlotte NC restaurant pick because there will be two more.

The first restaurant is going to be 300 East, and it should be simple enough to find since it is on 300 East Boulevard. What kinds of food do they serve? One menu highlight is very intriguing, sweet potato ravioli. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Just the other day, I noticed corn ravioli on a menu highlight but not sweet potato. Okay it is time to go to another restaurant now.

Dresslers Restaurant is located on Metropolitan Avenue, and it is serving up lamb, halibut and crab cakes for starters. Then you have a very delicious looking cheesecake for dessert. That is enough of the menu to make me want to enjoy a meal there, what about you? Now guys, we have one more establishment to visit, and then I will tell you the place I would visit first if I were you.

I forgot to mention that the last place provides live music at times, and you can also dine outside. Almost out of time, so the last Charlotte restaurant is Tupelo Honey Cafe on South Boulevard. It serves up delicious brunch, and you are talking about blueberry jam, biscuits, and wait, I am already drooling. Tupelo Honey Cafe would be my first stop in Charlotte NC. Do you think the same thing, or would you rather be stopping at one of the other two places first?

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