Charlotte NC Is Home To Some Great Restaurants

While North Carolina is on the east coast and is home to the ocean, the mountains and many great cities, Charlotte is one of its finest. If you start exploring this rather large city in NC, you’re going to have so much fun. While you are out there with the family tagging as many attractions and things to do as you can, you’re going to get quite hungry. Once you have worked up an appetite, stop on by these favorite Charlotte restaurants for some good grub. The Fig Tree Restaurant is located on E 7th Street, and just out of curiosity, have you ever had the privilege of eating an elk chop before. It sounds like a pork chop, doesn’t it? This is a fine dining experience in Charlotte, so you will be in for some unique eats. As the #1 restaurant in the city, it would be expected to deliver to your table nothing less.

The Carolinas whip up some great barbecue boy let me tell you. If you are in Charlotte and looking to get your BBQ on, it is Midwood Smokehouse that demands your attention. There are other great local barbecue establishments as well, but this is certain one of the best. It is located on Central Avenue, and it has already made me want barbecue for dinner.

Pinky’s Westside Grill is another top Charlotte restaurant, and you can find it on West Morehead Street. Fried pickles, corn dogs, crab puppies and all that great grill and diner food awaits you. The crab puppies sound unique, and now I’m thinking about those instead of the barbecue. The fine dining establishment would probably be my last stop out of these three top establishments, but I’m not sure I could steer clear of trying an elk chop for the first time.

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